or the world of a dreamer
With this new project, Antoine fulfills a long-held dream and starts creating sets for his increasingly colorful productions. He takes up drawing and painting to return to the saturated worlds he loves so much. Imaginarium is a plunge into his imagination, into the recurring universes with which he likes to work, dream and escape. Here, he creates a more painterly series than his previous ones, photographing painted cardboard worlds in which his characters evolve. Here, everything is childlike or even naive, from surreal animals to colorful landscapes. Antoine appeals to our childlike souls, our capacity to marvel at anything and everything. It's an invitation to dream, to escape.

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality." - The Cheshire Cat

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Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Le mariachi
Les mariés
La catrina
Le jongleur
Le dresseur
Le clown
Le Pirate
La Pirate
La sorcière