Photo credit: Romain Berger 

Born in France in 1985, Antoine Parou entered the world of photography in 2014. His immersion in this artistic universe was triggered when he had the opportunity to follow the teachings of the talented Rennes-based photographer, Coralie Salaün. This encounter marked a decisive turning point in his life, introducing him to the art of staging and the magic of set creation.

Since then, Antoine has never stopped experimenting and pushing the limits of his art. Through his lenses, he navigates between different universes, flirting with the extraordinary and the ordinary, playing on the contrasts of the imaginary and the real. While most of his works are imbued with vibrant colors, they also oscillate between committed themes, pleading for tolerance and fighting against discrimination. Her portfolio is an explosion of bright colors, overt clichés and visual extravagance.

In 2020, a new chapter in his photographic practice began when he met Le Turk. It was then that his approach took on a new dimension. Inspired by Le Turk, Antoine set out to create bigger, bolder sets and explore even more ambitious photographic concepts. This encounter allowed Antoine to push back his own creative boundaries and explore uncharted horizons.

Antoine's artistic universe is a dazzling mosaic of colors and ideas. His creations transport the viewer into diverse worlds, where bold nuances paint vivid emotions and concepts come to life. Each of Antoine's images is an invitation to question perceptions, to reflect and to feel.

Although his world is often described as colorful, it is this unique signature that sets him apart and fascinates his admirers. His artistic approach is at once provocative, introspective and universal. Based not far from Rennes, Antoine continues to capture the world around him with a passion that never wavers.

Welcome to the world of Antoine Parou, where photography is not just an image, but a window into the artist's soul.


Exhibitions :

  • february 2017 - Espace 18 quai - Rennes
  • may 2017 - Forum des arts - Saint-Malo
  • winter 2018 - Pôle Sud - Chartres de Bretagne
  • winter 2022 - Galerie Passage 1522 - Morlaix

Jury prize - black and white - Photofolie 2015